zaterdag 17 december 2011


This year the Xmas tree is made of WOOL and fluorescent tape. You can easily make it anywhere in your home as long as you have an empty wall somewhere. The decorations i bought on my travels to Nepal (wooden figures) and China (flower + pearl garland) and India (horse). The felt snowflakes are from Ikea and the crochet potholders from a restaurant shop.
The 2 small silver cut-out ornament and heart are designs from my friend Eline. On the cabinet lies a crosstitch cloth from a vintage shop.
It's oh so nice to see enthusiastic reactions from people on PINTEREST! Hope the tree can be an inspiration for some for next year's holiday season. And how great it would be if the kids at school could make one to display all the cute stuff they made! I had not even thought about that, wonderful idea by Katie Heaps!

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