zondag 28 september 2014


Last week i visited the south coast of England. I hopped over for a day to the Isle of Wight's botanical garden in Ventnor. 
The garden has an impressive collection of over 30.000 rare and sub-tropical plants and trees. The plantings are based on geographical regions of the world and because of the garden being situated on the Ventnor Undercliff, it has a unique microclimate with an average of 5 degrees warmer than the rest of the UK. 
Such an experience, especially because i love to make endless close up's of the flowers after photographing them. 
I think i took about a hundred photo's of leaves and flowers. Many of them were still about to bloom or just transforming their flowers into seeds this time of year. 
With the holidays being over, the huge garden was quiet and magical. Here's a few flowers that i think are extraordinary in their design and color...
funny shape
green flower
green pastel mix
all furry
shine a red light
berry flower
giant waterlily over 2 m wide 
funny enough i just came across this giant waterlily in a previous post about the work of Ruud van Empel

donderdag 18 september 2014


In 2011 i made a post about Berend Strik, a Dutch artist who uses stitching and fabric in his photo work. He does this to make his work more physical. 
Another male artist who works with threads (stitching and embroidery) on photographs is Jose Romussi.
He was born in Chile where he studied landscape design.
Over the past few years he has gained a significant following for his silk screens and collages in which he combines black and white photographs with colorful forms of embroidery. 
Since 2011 he lives and works in Berlin. 
In his work he intervenes images by applying his own perception of beauty to them. Sometimes by giving them a new identity or a different aesthetic concept. It’s the chance to give this image a new emotion, a new life, a new interpretation of beauty through embroidering.