donderdag 30 augustus 2012


As you go along in a new work project your mind will soon be set in a certain way. Everything around you that 'touches' this 'job theme' suddenly reveals to you...(so it seems). A magic sort of thing that comes as a little surprise for me every time... ( are you with me still? otherwise go see my earlier posts on travel & fun related to my current work :)I just found these funny sketches made by Oliver Jeffers!

zondag 26 augustus 2012


IN THAT CITY.. THAT NEVER SLEEPS....Magic city,NY! and the moment i have some time off i will plan a trip to the Big Apple and breath all that wonderful inspiration again.. meanwhile i'll have to settle for this cool i-phone case found on Society6


A great thought when it comes to designing maps has come to mind of Emanuele Pizzolorusso. The folding op maps has always been 'a thing of patience'.. but when you've been walking around a foreign town in circles for too long one can loose patience bit by bit, and the unfolding and folding of maps becomes less say the least.
I haven't even mentioned the factor of the elements yet (rain-snow). Imagine...the original folds in your paper map become vague and the map is not only tearing but seems to slowly melt in your hands. 
Now these maps below are made of a creasy waterproof material that does not tear. It's soft, lightweight and indestructable! Once you're done finding your way, it can be crumpled into a ball and be stuffed into your pocket or bag.
Read more about the clever graphics and content of the maps here!

junior series


Been extremely busy working on the concept project for the traveling service shops. There's so many things involved in making it easy for people to travel, once you start to think about it a whole new world will open up for you i am sure! I am basically researching practicalities and safety equipment for travelers. But on my blog i will show you some clever & fun designs that caught my eye during the process! This eco-friendly recyclable, water resistant Tyvek microfibre wallet (ooohps..a mouthfull) is handy for keeping your plane ticket from tearing and can keeps your money and cards at the same time.
Mighty by Dynomighty