donderdag 30 september 2010


Look what i got in my mail today! A very nice postcard from a friend to illustrate how the women dress at the Sister's meal festival. Quite a lot of silver! but do pay attention to the large embroideries on their sleeves. If the rice does not impress...their dresses most certainly do!


My chinese birth sign is Dragon, this embroidery was clearly waiting for me in the second hand store. When i opened it's frame i found a sticker at the back with a written text as shown on the picture below.

The embroidery is made by hand by the Miao people from Shidong. It's probably silk for it has a very nice shine to it. The little knots at the back tell that it's handmade.
The Miao people usually wear big embroideries on their coats.
Shidong is famous for it's silversmiths who live and work there. Every year around 'april-may' there's a festival called Sister's meal. Rice is cooked and dyed in 5 colours. By the colour of the rice that is served, the men can tell whether a lady is interested in him or not.

zondag 26 september 2010


A friend of mine introduced me to the surreal world of Marliz Frencken's sculptures about a year ago, i was hooked right from the start.
The bizarre beauties she creates are detailed and highly imaginative. Each and every one of her statues is unique.
She intergrates the element of chance in her work by using all kinds of "objets trouves" from everyday life to decorative or functionless gadgeds. 
The narrow dividing line between art and kitch sculped in beautiful female beings.Just about anything seems possible in this fairy-like world of metamorphosis.
An absolute must-have for me! 

vrijdag 3 september 2010


This summer i decided to take part in a ceramic course. 
The art of throwing clay on a wheel was playing my mind for a long time and a great challenge so it appeared. In 8 weeks we were taught the very basics, still lots and lots to explore...!


I love strolling around in the 2nd hand shop. 
It's exciting to just enter with no expectations whatsoever and have your eyes do the job.
There's no thinking involved, when you see it you know it...
Besides collecting decorative off-white and blue, i found very nice sober ones too. 
Nice finds from the 2nd hand shop and market..