zondag 15 augustus 2010


Today i finalized a set of flyers for a new yoga school called Pureness yoga in Bloemendaal-The Netherlands
main flyer all classes
individual flyers for various classes

business card
 made this present accordingly...

zaterdag 14 augustus 2010


I took this picture some time ago and i wonder what we were talking about....

woensdag 11 augustus 2010


I'm in love with whippets in general, i like their character, think they are elegant and funny. But this girl in particular has stolen our hearts in an instant.
Her name is Dora, she's not only a beauty to look at but has a heart of gold
My dog Bobje can be very choosy when it comes to women, but no words need to be spilled, for him Dora has the XXX-factor.....!