zaterdag 23 juni 2012


Inspiring works made by Melbourne Australia based Miranda Skoczek
I found her adorable paintings featured on the Adore Home magazine blog. It's worthwhile checking this colourful online magazine too! a way to find yourself shopping 'down under' in just a few seconds!

dinsdag 19 juni 2012


I just realised that i started blogging on monday the 19th of july 2010. (19 is my lucky number too) A decision i have treasured ever since! I will keep the 19th of july for a special celebration post from now on. You might have discovered in the side bar that INSPIRATION-DAY has a sister blog now! it's called about both blogs on the new 'ABOUT PAGE' here! 

maandag 18 juni 2012


This is Thomas, he just recently stept into this world. These photo's i took with my i-phone while he was sleeping on my the many different expressions on his face i imagined that he must have been dreaming about a nice future for himself..

zaterdag 16 juni 2012


Bobje has now begun to unleash the magic of F**K IT into his life. After 1 week of brutal hammering by the new neighbours on every single adjoining wall in the house he stopped wondering why they bought this appartment in the first place (given the fact that they obviously want to change everything) and just says F**K IT...! For more information, see this website and maybe a lot of your problems will be solved too. It already helps when you pronounce it with a heavy Italian accent: FOOK EET!

vrijdag 15 juni 2012


Last saturday i went to Design District in the Taets building in Zaandam. It was an inspiring interior fair and i had a chat with a lot of nice and enthusiastic people. 

dinsdag 12 juni 2012


I am touched by the wonderful sense of humor and beautiful sketches made by Oliver Jeffers from Brooklyn, New York. Just recently learned about him via a BYW co-student Mary NasserThanks for sharing this inspirational artist Mary!

maandag 4 juni 2012


For years and years i carry this little dachshund key holder with me. It's so cleverly made, i found it lying in a shop screaming for my attention...Yoehooo! Besides the two living dogs i own (of the same brand), my keyholder is a true companion.. When it's lost i panic! not just because i can't open doors... 
Now, yesterday i was struck by these adorable leather toys on wheels from Ellen Heilmann and Kathrin Schumacher. Is it not a rare coincidence i have a secret wish to own a greyhound or whippet dog one day....? The fact that i do not own acres of land  tells me i must dream on.. but a leather one is now within reach!