woensdag 25 december 2013


Just before Xmas i like to visit London, this time not to be emerged in the crowds of Xmas shopping people, but exploring London's East End...it's trendy shops, restaurants and history...

Waves of foreign immigration began with Hugenot refugees creating a new extramural suburb in Spitalfield in the 17th century. They were followed by Irish weavers, Ashkenazi Jews and, in the 20th century, Bangladeshis. Many of these immigrants worked in the clothing industry. The abundance of semi- and unskilled labour led to low wages and poor conditions throughout the East End.
Fournier Street was the last to be built on the Wood-Michell estate in Spitalfields. The houses mainly date from the 1720's and were designed to be of a higher standard than previous residential developments. Consequently the houses were purchased and leased by the 'master' silk weavers and silk mercers. The buildings are notable for their wooden panelling and elaborate joinery such as carved staircases, fireplaces and highly detailed doorcases.

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