zaterdag 25 februari 2012


Last night i was invited to the opening of the exhibition of Marliz Frencken (see my earlier post) and Susan Drummen in 'Het Valkhof museum' in Nijmegen. The works of Marliz are attractive to me as they are sweet and decorative at first sight but the longer you look the more your fantasy is aroused to build your own story around the little statues..She told us she uses a special kind of resin to fix them and keep them from falling apart.
Susan Drummen was a nice surprise, for i adore her groundworks with colored precious stones, metal and glass. The photo's i took are a fraction of the works as they are framed by the photo ofcourse but in reality they have a special effect in the space of the museum. I recommend you to have a look for yourselves! The exhibition will be shown until the 10th of june.
Marliz Frencken
Susan Drummen

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