vrijdag 8 oktober 2010


The colour groups that i included here are the ones that grabbed me the most. 
Ofcourse i am a huge fan of blue's so there was no escaping that. 
But more and more the reds and oranges are beginning to intrigue me. Especially when they are used in a surprising way.
When it comes to fashion & garments, bright colours will provide nice accents to all the greys and blacks that we have seen anyway. I will get back to that later!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat leuk, zo kan ik toch even stiekem kijken wat ik gemist heb. Mooi ook dat lichtmuseum. Je gaat goed met je blog zeg, super! XE

  2. Love the mix of colors and patterns. So beautiful. I'm a fellow student in BYW. So happy I popped by. :)