donderdag 30 september 2010


My chinese birth sign is Dragon, this embroidery was clearly waiting for me in the second hand store. When i opened it's frame i found a sticker at the back with a written text as shown on the picture below.

The embroidery is made by hand by the Miao people from Shidong. It's probably silk for it has a very nice shine to it. The little knots at the back tell that it's handmade.
The Miao people usually wear big embroideries on their coats.
Shidong is famous for it's silversmiths who live and work there. Every year around 'april-may' there's a festival called Sister's meal. Rice is cooked and dyed in 5 colours. By the colour of the rice that is served, the men can tell whether a lady is interested in him or not.

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  1. nou dan beginnen we weer gewoon overnieuw...
    mooi! Leuk verhaal ook!